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I started trading in 2006, as a self-employed plumber.

As I was new to the game, I found it difficult to look for jobs, handle payment, paperwork as well as doing the jobs themselves, so I worked for a plumber I knew, and I stayed with him, till 2017. I learned a lot in that time, what worked and what didn’t. He had very little people skills, and was purely money oriented, this, I didn’t like, and I won’t run this business that way.

I genuinely don’t add more work onto a job. If I can do it in a time, with a quick turnaround, I’m happy, they’re happy, and onto another customer to help. I always offer to view the job for free and no obligation. I’d rather not give a quote over the phone as I believe it can be totally inaccurate. Plus, I like to show my face and introduce myself.

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Featured in Edition one, of Business Force. An edition featuring how to avoid Rogue Traders.

Pdq plumbing and Property Solutions was picked out by the Police Fraud Dept, as excellent, and was the only Plumber to feature as a trusted Trader.

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